Step 1. Information

Please ask any questions you might have we are glad to help! Electric cars are different than gas vehicles in many ways so allow us to walk you through the transition

Step 2. Demonstration Drive

For your convenience we are more than happy to bring a LEAF for you to drive but of course you are welcome to come in for a visit. If you make an appointment we will have a car ready for you when you get here. No obligation or pressure ever.

Step 3. Paperwork

If you decide the LEAF is for you the next step would be to fill out our online application. We will prepare all the necessary paperwork for you. No waiting at the dealership for hours. We are here to be of service to you.

Step 4. Delivery and set-up

We will then set up a time to come and finish the paperwork at or your home or wherever is best for you with your new LEAF. Then we will thoroughly go over your new car and charging until you are comfortable.

Step 5. Follow Up

In a few days we will follow up with you to check on your LEAF and to see if you have any more questions.

Step 6. Commitment

We are committed to your complete satisfaction and strive to provide truly exceptional service. We want your transition to electric to be an exciting time for you!

Our goal is to make your LEAF purchasing experience simple, convenient and most of all fun. Getting a new car should be fun and exciting. Our goal is to make it just that, fun!

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